What CryptoEager is Really About

Let’s test E-E-A-T
If you have ever asked these questions:
  • “What’s the story and thought of physical crypto products that I want to buy?”
  • “Where can I find simple crypto “no bluff, no fluff” educational information?”
  • “Where can I find practical crypto marketing advice that generates results?”
Then you’re in the right place.
Firstly, CryptoEager is an enriching online shop where you can find a selection of thoroughly sourced physical products with in-depth descriptions.
Secondly, it is an educational all-in-one cryptocurrency publication for beginners and advanced crypto enthusiasts. No bluff, no fluff. Simply practical experiences that I learn.
Thirdly, CryptoEager is a blog where I show digital crypto marketing strategies, SEO techniques and tips you need to establish while leveraging them with the blockchain marketing industry.
My effective digital crypto marketing strategy is why digital trading companies like BC Group or ANXONE hired me.
And my laser-result-focused approach, especially to crypto SEO, is likely why the head of a digital strategy at BC Group and others recently said: 
BC Group Hong Kong

Patrick is one of the brightest and most passionate advocates of SEO I have come across in my 13 years of digital experience. 

Ryan He / Head of Digital
ANXONE Hong Kong

His expertise in SEO/SEM helped to drive the strategic outcomes of our company and the clients we served.

Arthur Lee / Vice President

Patrick is looking for experiments to find new ways and tools to grow whatever marketing goal you set for him. 

Tomas Turek / CEO

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    How CryptoEager Helps You
    to Understand
    Crypto Marketing World

    Majority of so-called “Crypto ICO/STO/IEO digital marketing experts and agencies” say: “Everything you need to succeed with a campaign is to create a stunning landing page with great copywriting and then boost ads.”
    If just that were the right strategy…
    While working in the nascent blockchain industry during a fascinating time I’ve been discovering the harsh truth that there is a lot more than just amazing “landing page” and “paid ads”. I learned especially the proven SEO content strategies that work.
    And that’s the reason why CryptoEager appears like an online shop, cryptocurrency publication and a blog for digital marketing strategy.
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      About Pat VC

      Patrick is sipping coffee in Bali

      Hi crypto eager fans,

      My name is Vlastimil Cicha but you may know me by my brand name Pat VC. I’m the founder of CryptoEager.

      After going through various digital job occupations and failing with several online businesses, I finally found gold in SEO.

      Since stepping into digital marketing and digital asset, I quickly recognized crypto marketing effective strategies that work by executing them for a well-known blockchain publisher and digital trading platform companies.

      I created this crypto marketing website together with an e-shop to share and teach the lessons I learned along the way.

      You can learn the crypto strategy and use it to grow your crypto online skills. Moreover, you can educate yourself as well as buy well-sourced products and use or wear them to show your enthusiasm.

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