What Can You Buy With Bitcoin Globally [111 Brilliant Things]

What Can You Buy With Bitcoin Globally 111 Brilliant Things

Welcome to the most comprehensive list of 111 things on this planet on what you can buy with Bitcoin.

Recently, I had a random chat about “what can you buy with Bitcoin” with my friend Tom. Out of curiosity, I asked about Tom’s opinion on Bitcoin. For a while, we had a long chat with conflicting ideas from which we both learned. 

Then he asked me for an astonishing question.

What was the important question?

Tom made one particular point which gave me a sleepless night and I had to research throughout the night. He asked me to list just 20 things I can buy with Bitcoin. Although I had known about Bitcoin for a while I had never thought of it outside of trading and peer-to-peer transactions.

It occurred to me that if Bitcoin adopted as a replacement for regular cash you should buy with Bitcoin even the common things. Indeed, I discovered many things you could purchase with Bitcoin and not just 20 but a lot. However, I recommend first understanding how to pay with Bitcoin to get the best out of the list.

On second thought, there are so many people out there who are facing the same problem of what they can purchase with their Bitcoin. From my findings, I have decided to compile 111 interesting things you can buy with Bitcoin (Personally, I love real estate).

Let’s get started…

Table of Contents

Buy Gaming With Bitcoin

Starting with one of the most interesting and fun items – Games. Games can be a great way to relax, so one of the first things I researched was “Can I buy Games with Bitcoin?”

1. Microsoft Xbox

The Xbox series is probably one of the sorted after games in the world. The latest addition to the newest series, Xbox LIVE, increases the possibilities and reach of every gamer.

2. PlayStation

The PlayStation series is a close competitor to the Xbox series mentioned above. The latest series Playstation 4 features higher-resolution character models, improved shadows and lighting, besides several other gameplay improvements.

3. Nintendo

Most gamers love the Nintendo switch better. Nintendo Switch offers 3-in-1 functionality which allows users to play games on their TVs, tablet mode, and handheld mode.

4. Uplay

This prominent gaming community Uplay allows users to connect to one another. It is majorly used by Ubisoft games. Ubisoft games have created games such as assassin creed and have used Uplay to link gamers all over the world.

5. Apple App Store

Apple has created a distinct brand in the world, and many majorly attribute this success to its astonishing Operating System (OS). There’s an endless list of interesting games on the Apple App store available to their users.

6. SNES Classic Edition

You can buy with Bitcoin the SNES Classic Edition system. The system looks and feels just like the original ’90s home console, except it’s super portable.

7. Gaming Accessories

Who says you have to get your gaming accessories with your cash? It is easy to purchase your gamepads, wireless controllers, gaming chair, adapters, and other gaming accessories with Bitcoin.

8. Retro Video Game Console

Moving a little bit to the classic games with awesome resolutions – Retro game. And there are a lot of amazing retro games you can choose from.

9. Gaming A10 Headset

Enhance your gaming experience with some of the best gaming headsets. They are all available within your reach with Bitcoin.

Home Enhancements & Accessories

Moving on from the gaming category, I was excited to consider home enhancements accessories. Let’s take a quick stroll through indoor and outdoor accessories.

10. Wristwatches

Gone are the days when you have to pay for wristwatches with regular cash. Now, you can purchase wristwatches of unique brands and designs with your Bitcoin.

11. Cell Phones

Different models of cell phones are available to buy with your cryptocurrency. To my surprise, top brands like Samsung, iPhone, and others were on the list.

12. TV & Video

You can purchase all sizes and brands of TVs at your convenience with your Bitcoin. The Tv’s are not limited to older models but also include the latest models.

13. Portable Electronic Devices

You can choose ranging from headset to home speakers. In fact, all portable electronic devices you can think of in a normal store are available.

14. Home Appliances

Home appliances of unique brands and sizes are convenient to buy. If you are a lover of fancy design appliances, then you are still on track as there are unlimited options to select from.

15. Home Theater Accessories

Buy all your home theater accessories with your Bitcoin. Some of the available accessories include Tv wall mount, HDMI wall plate, and others.

16. Digital Cameras

You can get many digital cameras and their accessories with your Bitcoin. The advancement in modern digital cameras has been astonishing in recent years. The phrase “capture the moments” explains the thrill that modern digital cameras bring.

17. Drone

We have put drones to multiple uses in the modern world, but the most exciting aspect is still the capturing of pictures from impossible angles. You can find here many drones and its accessories.

18. Major Appliances

Major appliances as used here are used to categorize essential home appliances such as dishwashers, washers and dryers, refrigerators, and others.

19. Cook Tools

Most women will list the kitchen as one of the most important rooms in a home. Get all cooking tools which include cutlery, tableware, cookware, and others with your Bitcoin.

Buy Software With Bitcoin

Buy Software with Bitcoin

After going through a bit of personal stuff, we decided to drop something for the tech-savvy people. Find out the list of amazing technology related stuff you can get with Bitcoin.

20. Server Software

Servers software is designed to interact with the server’s hardware components such as processor and storage. You can purchase many server software with your Bitcoin.

21. Antivirus

The importance of antivirus in protecting your computer from trojans, viruses, and botnets can’t be overlooked. Buy many original antiviruses with your Bitcoin.

22. Internet Security

Install software to protect your computer from cyber-attacks and internet threats with your Bitcoin. Internet security differs from antivirus as they deal with internet threats such as email spam.

23. Crypto Mining

Create new exciting blockchain-related software or modify recent ones with cool and recent crypto mining software. You can have all crypto mining software with Bitcoin.

24. Backup & Utilities

You don’t have to worry about losing crucial files on your pc. Deploy Backup and utility software to keep a copy of all your important files.

25. Operating Systems

Buy and install operating systems software for your computer with ease and speed with your cryptocurrency.

26. Web Hosting 

You can sign up for web hosting software with Bitcoin to organize your websites, databases, and files.


Have you wondered if you could set up furniture for your home with Bitcoin? Then the answer is YES. You can have all kinds and types of furniture for all rooms in the home. 

Let us look at some furniture:

27. Sofas & Couches

Choose diverse Sofas and Couches for your living room. You can buy sofas and couches of all materials ranging from sleeper sofas, sectional sofa, chesterfield, and others.

28. Sectionals

Get sectionals for your living room with Bitcoin ranging from traditional to modern sectional to beautify your home.

29. Living Room Sets

Get the best fits for your living room with a fancy set of furniture from traditional to ultra-modern designs. Also, you can purchase all sizes and shapes of living room sets with your cryptocurrency.

30. Ottomans & Poufs

Beautify your home with ottomans and poufs of all shapes and designs.

31. Recliners

Get recliners of your desired textures (leather and fabric) and design for your living room and bedroom with your Bitcoin.

32. Coffee & Accent Tables

Shop fashionable, top-finish coffee, accent, and soda tables made from the best of materials to beautify your home. You don’t have to diminish your taste anymore, you can now buy tables with Bitcoin.

33. Entertainment Center

Shop with style and pay with your Bitcoin. Find all forms and shapes of TV stands, Fireplace stands, and others with the best finishes from professionals, with your Bitcoin.

34. Bookshelves

Your Bookshelves don’t have to look odd from your home arrangement. You can find fashionable and durable bookshelf for your home without disrupting your style, at the same time serving the intended purpose.

35. Bedroom Sets

Moving to the settings of your bedroom, find matching, durable, and styled bedroom sets to go with your room color and floor finish.

36. Headboards

Buy with Bitcoin metal or wooden headboards for your Bed. Shop some of the best headboards with professional coatings and finishes.

37. Bed Frames

You can buy with Bitcoin all sizes of bed frames to match the size of your bed. Select your bed frames based on your style and design from the numerous available options.

38. Dressers & Chests

Do you like your dressers or chests big or small? Stylish or simple? Spacious or compact?

Buy Real Estate With Bitcoin

Buy Real Estate with Bitcoin

This is perhaps one of my best categories, as it shows you the progress Bitcoin has made. What is the importance of all the nice furniture without a roof to put it in? What can you buy with Bitcoin in the Real estate sector?

39. Apartment

Get your dream apartment in various locations and pay with your Bitcoin. In conventional times, realtors were very conscious to accept Bitcoin. In recent times, it becomes acceptable.

40. Villa

Are you hoping to purchase something fancier like a villa? Then you can have the villa of your choice.

41. Townhouse

Are you looking for an environment with a lot of nearby houses like a townhouse? You can buy properties that fit the above description.

42. Flat

A nice flat for you and your family. Payment with Bitcoin is secure and faster.

43. Chalet

For lovers of wood constructed houses-chalets, chalets with outstanding finishes and designs.

44. Land

In conventional times, we could have purchased land with money. However, in this new age, you can also buy lands in various locations with your Bitcoin.

45. Rentals

Invest in commercial and residential rental properties based on your budget, location, and choice.

46. Mobile Homes

Because of the mobility of jobs and the unavailability of lands for new houses in advanced countries in the world, mobile homes have served as a suitable alternative. You can purchase mobile homes of varying design, materials, and shapes.

47. Hotel

Booking reservation rooms in hotels has never been this easy. You can book rooms in hotels of any class with your cryptocurrency.

48. Luxury House

A Luxury house combines comfort with one of the best views since it locates them in areas with astonishing scenery. Also, they are built with eco-friendly and well-finished materials.

49. Farm

In this new era, it is possible to buy a farm with your Bitcoin. This goes to prove how surrounded by things we never imagined.

50. Ranch

Another surprising yet true item is a ranch. Top real estate agents have put in a lot of work to make items such as this available for cryptocurrencies.

51. Island

This is perhaps one of the most fascinating things in the real estate industry. There are however only a few islands you can buy as of now.

52. Business Centers

You can bargain a previous business center for your business. Although this item is not very common, however, some restaurants and offices are willing to accept payment for their restaurant with Bitcoin.


Moving on to things you can buy with Bitcoin to beautify the body and look good. The first on the list is jewelry. Most people notice this first, no matter how small or tiny they look.

53. Rings

Rings are one of the tiniest pieces of jewelry. However, the level of self-confidence and self-appeal it brings is fascinating. And the good news is, you can buy with cryptocurrency any ring of your choice.

54. Necklaces

Ranging from tiny to large, a variety of materials, and shapes, you can buy with Bitcoin most modern necklaces and conventional ones.

55. Earrings  

Earrings can come in different sizes, styles, and shapes. You can buy with Bitcoin your favorite fancy earrings without stress.

56. Bracelets

Are you going with the simply filled bracelets with casual designs or multiple bracelets with exceptional arts? Whichever one you choose, you can easily buy with Bitcoin.

57. Jewelry Boxes

Get fancy boxes with incredible crafts for your jewelry. Keep your jewelry organized; buy with Bitcoin jewelry boxes of varying sizes and design.

58. Handmade Jewelry  

Are you perhaps a lover of something more natural or handmade? You can buy with Bitcoin handmade jewelry and experience creativity at its peak.

59. Engagement Rings

You can buy with Bitcoin engagement rings of different casting. You have an unlimited list of engagement rings of different prices, makes, and designs you can buy with Bitcoin.

60. Bridal Sets

Select from the endless list of available options of bridal sets you can buy with your Bitcoin. Choose from simple to classy with different and illuminating gemstones.

61. Semi-Mount Rings

Are you perhaps looking for an engagement ring where you can incorporate your creativity and select the stone of your choice? You can buy with bitcoin semi-mount rings of various designs.

62. Women’s Wedding Bands

You can buy with Bitcoin all-female wedding bands of uncommon colors, shapes, sizes, and metals.

63. Men’s Wedding Bands

A little something for males, too. You can buy all styles, sizes, and metals of wedding bands with your Bitcoin.

Apparel and Accessories

Get Apparel and Accessories with Bitcoin

Now, we move to clothing accessories to match the jewelry. There is an extensive list of apparel and accessories you can buy with Bitcoin, let’s have a quick glance at some of them.

64. Luggage & Bags

Specific sizes and brands of luggage sets are available to buy with your Bitcoin. Also, buy your backpack, sports bags, duffel bags with Bitcoin.

65. Shoes

There are a variety of shoes you can buy with Bitcoin from the materials (leather or suede), to the purpose (sport, office, and others).

66. Sunglasses

Buy sunglasses from some of the best manufacturers(Ray-Ban, Oakley, and others) and a variety of shades with your Bitcoin. Also, sunglasses for various sports, fashion, computers, and much more) is available.

67. Apparel Accessories

You can also buy all your apparel accessories such as cufflinks and money clips with Bitcoin.

68. Wallets & Keyholders

Exceptional and fashionable wallets and keyholders of various sizes and colors can be bought with Bitcoin.

69. Smart Watches

Maintain perfect health while still looking stylish with smartwatches. You can now buy smartwatches from the best manufacturers in the market with Bitcoin.

70. Watch Accessories

All watch accessories from leather straps, chains, cabinets, and cases, and batteries you can shop with your Bitcoin.

71. Makeup

Buy your makeup kit with ease by buying with Bitcoin. All makeup accessories such as makeup sets, lip makeup, eye makeup, face makeup, and tattoo equipment are available.

72. Perfume

Perfumes from some top brands in the sector such as Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, and Versace are available to buy with your Bitcoin. There is an extensive list of a brand in this category, so you have to check it out to find more than we mentioned.

73. Cologne

If you love fragrance with less oil concentration-cologne, you can buy with Bitcoin.

Drones and Toys

Trade Drones and Toys with Bitcoin

Moving on to some of the latest technologies in the world for teens and kids, drones and toys. Drones have affected some sectors of the world, for instance, photography. Also, you can buy some most amazing toys for teens and kids with your Bitcoin.

74. RC Toys

You can buy with Bitcoin all brands and types of remote control toys from cars to helicopters and others.

75. Drones

Shop many drones from mini-sized to large-sized ones with your Bitcoin. Some products in this category include google racing flight headset and drone cameras.

76. Cars & Trucks

You can buy with Bitcoin, RC cars and trucks of any model such as Lamborghini mostly designed for teens.

77. Helicopters

Also, you can buy with your Bitcoin, quadcopters and helicopters. Helicopters and quadcopters of all sizes and designs are available for you in this section.

78. Batteries & Chargers

Accessories such as batteries, remote controls, and chargers for your drones, RC toys, and cars.

79. Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for drones and RC toys such as hi-lift jack, repair tool kit, radio transmitter remote, and remote controlled receiver.

80. Action Figures

You can buy with Bitcoin, action figures from your favorite Tv characters such as star wars, transformers, starship, and others.

81. Games

Buy games for various purposes such as learning and education, sports, action, and reflex with your Bitcoin.

82. Die-Cast Toys

You can also buy toy packs and puzzles for your kids with your Bitcoin.

Shop Industrial Equipment With Bitcoin

Industrial equipment usually includes mounting, clamping, guiding (or adjusting), indexing, and rotating elements. It classifies as specialized equipment, designed to process specific parts (or groups of separate parts); multipurpose adjustable equipment, and process parts of various shapes.

83. Industrial

You can get industrial equipment such as hammer steel, camera kits, protective gloves with your Bitcoin.

84. Garbage, Recycling & Grounds Maintenance

Make your home fashionable with fancy trash cans fabricated with strong and durable materials. Also, you can buy with Bitcoin portable vacuum cleaners for your home.

85. Industrial Power Supplies

You can buy with Bitcoin all industrial power supply accessories for your home. The list includes products from the best manufacturers.

86. Hydraulic System Components

Shop for all the major components of your hydraulic system with Bitcoin.


This is another category we love so much. We live in a technological era where the importance of mobile phones and laptops as an effective tool for passing information has discussed a lot. Which gadgets can you buy with your Bitcoin?

87. Mobile Phones

And first. We consider mobile phones you can buy with Bitcoin. In the current world, you can buy any brand and type of phone from top brands and not so popular ones with your Bitcoin.

88. Laptops

The debate about which is more important between mobile phones and laptops depends on various factors. You can buy any type and brand of laptops for gaming to office purposes with your Bitcoin.

89. Computer Accessories

You can also buy all accessories for your computer accessories with your Bitcoin.

90. Power Protection

Get all adapters, power banks,  and UPS for your gadgets with your Bitcoin. It is now possible to buy with Bitcoin all power protection items.

Cars and Motorbikes

Purchase Cars and Motorbikes with Bitcoin

Moving to cars and motorbikes you can buy with your Bitcoin. In this section, we are going to consider the adoption of Bitcoin in the automotive industry.

91. Cars

There is no limitation to the brand of car you can buy with Bitcoin, from top brands to uncommon brands. You can buy both used and new cars.

92. New and Used Motorbikes

It is not just cars you can buy with your Bitcoin, you can also buy motorbikes of all brands. Same as cars, both used and new motorbikes are available.

93. Spare Parts

You don’t need to pay for spare parts of your motorbikes and cars with conventional cash anymore. You can now buy all the spare parts for motorbikes and cars with your Bitcoin.

94. Car Electronics

You can buy with Bitcoin all car electronics and its accessories such as amplifiers, car cameras, video, and radar detectors.

95. GPS Navigation

All sizes of the GPS navigation systems and trackers are available to buy with your Bitcoin. Also, all the accessories are available to buy with Bitcoin.

96. Dash Cams

Get all onboard camera systems varying from rearview mirror camera and dash cams with your Bitcoin.

97. Head Units & Receivers

You can buy with your Bitcoin digital media receiver, car audio amplifier, navigation wireless apple play, and other listed receivers.

98. Radar Detectors

Get car safety devices such as a car speed alarm system, voice alert, mobile scanner, and other featured items with your Bitcoin.

99. Tools & Equipment

You can get all tools and equipment to enjoy maximum satisfaction from your automobiles with your Bitcoin. Some of these types of equipment include a signal lens, an electric power jack, a black box, and others.

100. Interior and Exterior Accessories

Keep your car or motorbike in shape by buying with Bitcoin all worn-out interior and exterior parts.

101. Wheels & Tires

You can get modern, fashionable, and quality wheels and tires with your Bitcoin.

Sports and Outdoor

Staying fit is an integral part of maintaining safe health. You can avoid so many diseases and you can also save on medical bills. Find out the list of endless sports and outdoor exercise items you can buy with your Bitcoin.

102. Sports & Fitness

You can buy with Bitcoin sport and fitness equipment such as racquet, bicycle, golf equipment, treadmill, yoga & pilates, and others.

103. Outdoors

Items featured in the outdoor section include backpacks, boats and kayaks, camping and hiking gear, optics and binoculars, and other interesting items. You can buy all these items and more with your Bitcoin.

104. Golf Equipment

All indoor and outdoor golf equipment such as golf balls, golf mats, golf gear, and others are possible to buy with your Bitcoin.

105. Camping

Shop for camping equipment such as camp kitchen, camping coolers and jugs, cabin tents with digital currency.

106. Hunting

It is possible to get all your hunting tools with your Bitcoin. Some hunting tools listed include hunting knives, display cabinets for guns, and binoculars.

107. Fishing

You can get fishing equipment based on your taste and style from modern to traditional fishing tools with your Bitcoin.


108. Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set

You can assume the role of Thor by purchasing the rare Thor hammer toolset. You can buy the Thor hammer toolset with your Bitcoin.

109. Refillable Mini Perfume Spray Bottle

You can buy with Bitcoin the popular in-demand refillable perfume spray bottle.

110. Food

The food industry first had experienced the adoption of Bitcoin as the first transaction with Bitcoin was in the sector. Now, you can buy with Bitcoin various foods and even pay for food at restaurants.

111. Artworks

Are you a fan of art and creativity? Then, Bitcoin has got you covered for your payments. You can buy nice artworks with your Bitcoin.


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This is one of the most comprehensive lists of things you can buy with your Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin usage has really increased and maybe eventually, you might buy with Bitcoin some of the mind-blowing things you never imagined. 

What are you buying with your Bitcoin first?

Drop your comments below about things you think we missed on the list. 

This is one side of the coin, be the other side.

Patrick Vlastimil Cicha (Pat VC)

Pat Vlastimil Cicha better-known by his personal brand name Pat VC is an Elite-SEO Strategist for digital asset businesses and blockchain companies. Pat VC has been called one of the brightest and most passionate advocates of SEO by Hong Kong digital experts. He’s a founder of the CryptoEager blog and a professional investor.

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